Who is protecting the average American’s rights?

American Citizen’s rights appear to be a passing thought to many politicians rather than their inspiration.  Several “hot topics” that have direct impacts on American lives and rights are voting and illegal immigration. Let’s start with the election process of voting. Voting in American elections is a right of American citizens but little is done to prevent voter fraud. Allowing non-citizens to vote has a direct impact on all Americans which should make this a non-partisan issue. Promoted ideas concerning voting and protections to assure that only American citizens are allowed to vote has met with resistance and a twisting of the concept to imply that securing and verifying only Americans are voting is somehow disadvantaging some Americans.  There is a resistance to the inquiry in to voter rolls and making adjustments to better secure the American elections. Illegal Immigration is another issue affecting American citizens. The primary responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens yet routinely this is not the focus of immigration conversation. The focus is typically on the illegals and the injustices they have suffered but not on the impact of their illegal entry into America on Americans. The United States Government first priority should be on protecting American and its citizens. Humanitarian aid can be undertaken in a manner that respects the first obligation of protecting American citizens. Our elected officials are put in office to look out for the best interests of their constituents and everyone of those constituents are Americans so it is time our elected officials are called to the task to do their jobs and remember they have been elected by American citizens with the purpose of protecting those Americans life, liberties, and freedoms. Get to it!

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