Who are you?

By: Alex Voss | Contributing AOJ Journalist

You know those moments, those moments where you completely lose yourself. That moment of realization where you don’t actually know who you are anymore. It is in that moment where your heart starts racing from the adrenaline flowing into your system all stemming from the fear. You drown in your own fear as you try to understand what to do next. You end up in your own mind, catching yourself wondering “where do I belong?”.

Losing yourself is not an easy thing to handle. Fortunately, the situation is not as hopelessness as it may feel, you have to lose yourself to find yourself. When we lose ourselves, we go through a lot of depression, fear, anxiety, and isolation. Feeling lost is not an uncommon feeling as we get older. Every individual goes through mental changes and becomes a different version of themself with every passing year, sometimes better, sometimes worse. When someone is feeling lost and does not quite understand themself completely, it is important to ensure a healthy environment. A healthy environment includes the type of people someone is hanging out with and the daily activities that someone partakes in as well. We cannot allow our minds to open up and connect with our heart and soul if we do not provide our mind our minds with a healthy lifestyle.

Part of allowing our mind, heart, and soul to connect is exercising our minds through meditation. Meditation allows us to really engage in our minds and truly allow our full focus on just our minds alone. It can be tough to access our minds spiritually, but that is why meditation is so important, it expands our minds little by little each time. When an individual’s soul, mind, and heart does not all connect as one, their body and mind do not function to itheir fullest physical and mental capacity. Once we truly connect with our minds and understand our minds, we improve and rebuild the relationship with ourselves.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Loving ourselves is not just about physically taking care of ourselves; it is about respecting ourselves, appreciating ourselves, accepting ourselves, and loving ourselvers. Just like the old saying goes, “you cannot love someone until you first learn to love yourself.”

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