What is your privacy worth?

Seems like an innocuous question on the surface, but in reality, that question is a serious matter. So many people are asking and taking information about you everyday and some of those areas may surprise you. All that information has value, value to you as it’s your personal information and value to the others for marketing purposes, product development, politics and so much more. How much of that information should be shared and how much of that information may be used against you? With the rise of everything going digital your information is everywhere and it is valuable! Who gets to decide what of your personal information gets to remain personal and what information gets distributed to the highest bidder? Ironically typically that person is not you.  With the quickly evolving digital world we as consumers need to start doing a better job of educating ourselves on how to better protect our personal information.  Yes, I know reading all that legal mumbo jumbo is annoying but read it before you agree as you may be giving access to more of your personal information than you realize. Check your privacy settings on your phone take some time to look over what your allowing the public to see about your life.  Your health care is important but make sure you read what your agreeing to with affiliated parties to your doctor’s office. With all the responsibilities you have protecting your personal information is important. Did you know you do not have to give everyone all the information they ask for; only provide the absolute necessary information.  Ever wonder how those search engines can magically fill in the blanks for what you are looking for? Consider browsing the web anonymously. Use passwords but make sure they are actually strong passwords and NOT the same password for accessing all of your accounts. These are few simple steps you can do today to start protecting your privacy that do not cost you a thing.

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