US Impeachment Inquiry the Impact on the United States and the World

Today marks the beginning of “public” inquiring hearings concerning the impeachment of President Trump. What does this mean for the United States?

Impeachment is to be utilized as a serious undertaking. The House of Representatives impeachment inquiry is putting party politics over country. Philosophical differences should be solved in other manners. Those employed in government whom have different philosophical ideas than the elected President on how the United States should be run and what the foreign policies should be need to resign. Today’s testimonies clearly articulated their testimonies are their interpretations of things. Comparing how things were done from one President to another is irrelevant as Presidents are elected partly because of their ideas, therefore change should be expected not questioned. There are individuals in the government that do not agree with the direction and way President Trump is progressing his foreign policies. It is an executive branch, of which President Trump is the leader, prerogative to negotiate foreign treaties, Congress only votes to approve those treaties. Then there is the impact of the impeachment inquiry on the ability of the United States to be able to continue to negotiate with foreign countries. The House of Representatives has essentially called the leader of Ukraine a liar and the basis of the House of Representatives is 3rd party interpretations from employees in the government. Definitely behavior that will not inspire our allies and adversaries to have confidence in the United States. The embarrassment is palpable by so many in the world watching this hearsay heresy.

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