The Wall maybe a long-term benefit to immigrants

The battle wages on about the funding of the US and Mexico Border Wall. Securing the boundaries of the United States should not be something anyone argues over. Often times those in favor of the border wall are labelled as a racist. One could argue with the same logic that those opposing the wall are an accessory to crimes being committed. Those opposed to the wall are intentionally helping all illegal persons to enter the United States and then some of those illegal immigrants continue on their crime spree with even more offenses.

Many times, the construction of the wall is mixed with the way current immigrants are handled at the border. What is not brought in to the conversation is that a wall would solve or prevent many of these border issues from occurring. A wall will force a larger portion of those that want to immigrate to the US to follow the rules in place for legal immigration. Those immigrants that want to come to the United States to work will find it easier to apply for work visas than trying to scale a wall thus making it easier for the US to monitor immigrant employment and lessen the extent that immigrants are exploited in the US. Many people are not willing to look at the longer-term benefits to immigrants that building a wall can provide for them. While there will still be those unsavory persons willing to take money to get immigrants into the US illegally the occurrence of this will become less as the wall and security to cross the border will lessen the appeal of this exploitation. As to those arguing it is inhumane to build a wall because the US is preventing those seeking a better life from obtaining this dream, that statement is all around false. A wall only prevents them from entering the United States illegally which in doing so prevents them from breaking our laws and forces them to enter legally in a manner that in the long run will provide them a much better life than being an illegal. Being an illegal force them to live their life in fear of being deported, puts them at risk for being taken advantage of and prevents them from accessing many long-term benefits of stable employment and retirement.  I argue that those opposed to the wall are for the exploitation of illegals and have no desire to truly help immigrants obtain a better, safer standard of life.


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