The Slandering of America

As the news cycles roll on and the politicians continue to speak on the hypothetical and opinion, it all has one clear result; the slandering of America. Regardless of where you fall on your “belief” concerning Trump and the Mueller investigation, one thing is clear, it is ruining America’s reputation. No longer can we claim to be the country of due process where you are innocent until proven guilty. This political circus has shown American politics to be riddled with many that no longer value the platform that our government was founded on. Our political system was designed to prevent people from being abused by their government, but over the past 2 years, our government has been woefully inept in this department. There are so many Americans that have suffered in the cross-hairs of the many paths that the political parties have used in their battle over power within the government. We are all Americans and the duty of all the elected officials is to honor the constitution and our great countries laws; it is time they all started to remember their obligations to America. Currently, the only thing the government and its political parties have uniformly accomplished is the slandering of America.

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