The Offense of a Flag

In the news, a MD a police station was gifted a wooden, thin blue line flag and a county executive banned it from being displayed because it is offensive since the flag was flown with extremists during the riots in Virginia. Using this logic everyone with the same names as those who committed crimes should change their names because they are now associated with unsavory behavior. The Flag did nothing. People could have been carrying any number of items. The thin blue line flag has been associated with the police department for over 50 years. The blue lined flag since it’s inception has had many interpretations. It is just a flag. What it symbolizes to one may not concur with what it symbolizes to another. Regardless, to ban an item because it might draw offense is no less offensive to others who are offended by the ban. Is this what the United States is coming to; banning anything that someone may find offensive. Freedom of speech exists for a reason. While we debate this, the offended keep demanding the banning of anything with which they do not agree.

It is concerning that a county executive feels it is appropriate to ban a wooden flag being hung that was a gift in honor of this first year of “Honoring the Nation’s First Responders Day.” The Senate this year passed a bipartisan resolution designating October 28, 2019 as the first “Honoring the Nation’s First Responders Day.” This gift had nothing to do with Blue or Black Lives Matter. The gifted flag had to do with celebrating the recently passed resolution honoring first responders.

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  1. The Montgomery County Executive (Elrich) was probably using the Charlottesville episode as an excuse, and he probably had an ulterior motive. The executive must hate policemen. Elrich’s actions appear to be a severe act of discrimination. Elirich is an oppressive dictator and should be removed from office.

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