The Growing Pains of America

Welcome to America’s teenage years. It is a time in the country where the country is rebelling against itself. America is stretching and pushing the boundaries put in place to protect it from self-harm. Just like a teenager questioning the wisdom of their parents so is America of its founders. America now does not have the recent wrongs to guide it as the founding fathers had. America now cannot see the importance of rules and protections the founding fathers put in place because the founders had seen with their own experiences the pitfalls of many types of governing powers. Our American teenage years has the same ignorance, we are too far removed from the downfalls to appreciate the powers that our constitution affords us and the protections it provides us. America is rebelling against itself in the name of self progress and growth. The reality is this teenage rebellion has the potential to cause real harm and damage to the future of America. It is time that the members of the political parties take time to evaluate the motivations behind their decisions and put the overall success of America a priority. Because currently it appears that many in government are putting the short term “party” as the priority rather than the long term of America as a nation. America will continue to experience growing pains as the country ages and times change. America has the ability to progress with a firm foundation laid with in the constitution while bending with the changes in the world and still retaining what makes America, America.

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