The funding of the wall comes down to Congress simply doesn’t want to

The constitution spells out the responsibilities of our government. If you have not taken the time to read the constitution, I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to do so. The Congress has the power therefore is expected to look out for the general welfare of the United States. It’s a matter of numbers that prove Congress simply does not want to pass anything related to funding the border wall. Congress has passed so many laws that seriously no one has the exact number. So, Congress can pass so many laws in its history that are too many to count but is not able to pass a budget for years on end and fund the border wall, which clearly meets the obligation of responsibility of our government. How can anyone draw any other conclusion about this other than Congress has chosen not to do it’s job. Securing the United States falls clearly in the general welfare of the United States. Congress needs to start doing the jobs that we the people have elected them to complete…. Like the wall!
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