The erosion of individual liberties in America

You hear about believing more and more in the news… believing what? That the accused has no rights. That the accuser should be the default to reality. This is becoming a virus spreading in America. All of this is being implemented under the guise of good intentions, many times stated to protect others. The 14th amendment is supposed to prevent US citizens from infringement of their rights to life, liberty, and property without due process. The Due process part is being lost in America. Due process is not a system where a person alleges something about or against another person and then immediate repercussions occur. Due process is not the presumption of guilt of the accused. Due process is not that the accused must prove that the allegation made is not true or accurate. Sadly, the state of “Due Process” in America is becoming a system used only when the ends justify the means, with a mindset where it’s okay to trample on due process and have the presumption of guilt because it is done for the safety of the majority. This is a bumpy road that America needs to quickly get off of and get back on the highway of freedom. More and more laws are being passed that are in direct violation of the constitution, with the argument that the laws are there to protect US citizens. It is not okay to take away one citizen’s right because it might save another citizen. It is not okay for the government to decide whose rights are more important and which rights are okay to infringe upon. Americans should be concerned: individual liberty is one of the pillars of the United States. The erosion of individual liberties affects everyone.

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