Social Media: Taking it Personally

Why You May Take it Personally

There are so many instances where things are taken too personally. Social media compounds this phenomenon. That is not to say that there are not personal attacks on social media. Social Media is a hot bed of people forcing their opinions and views on others. The point is that people take things personally that are not personal. Often on social media a reply post is made it is not made directed toward the original poster but as a general observation or of some advice. The original poster then takes what the reply post reads personally and replies as such. This then can create a cycle of unproductive exchanges of communication that were not intended. Group exchanges more often prompt this feeling of personal attack versus private exchanges. Simply the fact that more than yourself are reading the comments prompts a defensive reaction to any comments.

How to Make a Change

While we can not change others responses to things, we can change our own. First take time to evaluate things. Do not instantly reply, many times just letting things sit bring a different perspective in time. If you are personally vested in an opinion, idea, concept or whatever you are going to take anything related to it personally that is your issue not the person sharing their thoughts or ideas. Keep exchanges civil this limits the extent to which any conversation can digress to personal attacks. (another great read is “Etiquette in America”) Note personal attacks are not the same as taking things personally know the difference. Take time to be thoughtful and deliberate in your responses to others and if you think a comment was intended to be personal your best course of action is delayed action. Typically, but not always, a comment that was not intended to be personal will not be phased by a lack of an immediate reply. Yet someone commenting to be taken personally will be expecting a quick reply and often continues to post in order to get a response. Time is your friend use it wisely and it will save you aggravation by weeding out some of the social nuisances that have been created by social media. Taking things personally is often a choice made by you. Chose wisely and social media can be less intimidating and more amusing and enjoyable venue to explore and utilize.

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