Single Investment Allocated for Multiple Savings Goals

By Doktor Prax Evad | Contributing AOJ Journalist

This video shows how to use the Excel Spreadsheet developed by  Suppose you have put money into one investment, such as an S&P 500 mutual fund, but you have multiple purposes for the money in that investment.  You can think of each purpose as something akin to a “goal” or “savings goal.”  If you put money into the single investment at different times and toward different savings goals, it becomes difficult to manually keep track of how much is allocated toward each savings goal, especially as the single investment experiences volatile returns.  Our spreadsheet allows you to track allocation of the investment balance across savings goals in a simple, easy fashion.  Best of all, the “Investment Allocated for Multiple Goals” spreadsheet is free to download from our website at

Download At:

For details on how to use the spreadsheet, check out our YouTube tutorial.

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  1. Wow. 10 stars for a great excel spreadsheet. Very useful goven the volatility in stock mutual funds for my midterm and longterm goals.

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