Shutdown is damaging the National Parks?

Have you read about the damage that the government shutdown is having on the National Parks? Evidently, it’s the government’s fault that people are not able to behave as a proper human being. People are defecating outside by park facilities, last I checked the government was not the one defecating, it was people. Perhaps they should pass a law banning defecating on park lands except in designated facilities that should solve the problem. I am betting Congress could all agree to support that bill and allocate funding to implement it. You know the public safety impact of that human feces is dangerous. Oh, wait did someone mention dangerous and unsafe conditions, having an unsecured border would certainly not fall in that category as well.  Then there is the human aspect, clearly from the lack of respect exhibited by those persons whom have “left their mark” at the park that walls and borders are a necessity to protect truly valuable items. There are always some that will not respect the rules and behave in a proper manner. The damages being done to the Parks is not from the government shut down it is from people not following the rules and behaving disrespectfully. Those values (law abiding and respect) are the values that are being fought over right now. People are entering the US in a manner that is in violation of our rules and many people are not able to see the damage from this as easily as we can see the damage inflicted by disrespectful and unlawful behaviors in our parks and this damage to the parks has occurred in just 2 weeks. Imagine decades of this type of behavior and the possible effects it could have.

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