Should Kids be Allowed to have Pets?

I think kids should be able to have pets, as long as they are being held responsible for taking care of them. Having a pet is more than just fun and games. Having pets can help teach kids responsibility at a young age. However, the parents shouldn’t be the ones taking care of the pets. Rather, the parents should be helping the kids learn to take care of the pets themselves. One of the many ways this teaches kids responsibility is by teaching them not to be selfish. For example, kids have to put aside their fun activities to make sure their pet is taken care of. This teaches them to prioritize responsibilities over fun activities when their older. Another way this teaches them responsibility is by encouraging empathy and compassion. These traits are encouraged by the emotional connection created between the child and their pet, along with the care the child provides for their pet. This prepares the child to contribute to society by providing them the ability to care for others. These are just a few of the many ways giving a child a pet teaches them responsibility.

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  1. Great post about teaching responsibility by having pets.

    I don’t know much about the following area, but it seems that the recent trend toward “therapy” pets might be a bogus use for pets. What do you think Alex?

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