Racism now includes taking issue with US citizens tax money being spent on illegal activity.

Since when has the fact that Americans want the laws already passed to be followed make them racists or horrible people. The United States has procedures in place for immigration to the US and millions of people are not respecting those laws. Hence, that lack of respect and law breaking is an issue. Then, on top of that lack of respect, United States law makers think spending taxpayer’s money to support the Illegal immigrants in this country is acceptable. The political correctness frowns on the term illegal alien and instead uses immigrant or in some generous moment’s illegal immigrant. Immigrants of legal status have worked hard to come to America and do not deserve to have their sacrifices sullied by the application of the term immigrant to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are not in the United States legally and therefore should not be recipients of any benefits of United States. It is not okay for lawmakers to allocate benefits paid for by its citizens for illegal immigrants. The following states allow Illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and the District of Columbia. That means illegal immigrants pay in state tuition but citizens that reside in other states pay a higher tuition. On top of that the following stated also offer financial assistance (As in tax payer money) to “undocumented immigrants”: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Illegal immigrants may also utilize the following services paid for by citizen taxes: public education k-12, some nutritional assistance programs: WIC, CACFP, and summer food service programs to list a few. Immigration is not something most in the US oppose. It is the lack of respect of the rules of law in the US in regards to properly coming to the US. Illegal immigrants not respecting those laws are also adding to the financial burden of US citizenry. To call people racists for not wanting their tax money supporting illegal behaviors is using the emotional evocation from the term racists to influence the response of others in the US to a legitimate concern rather than giving merit to the issue.

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  1. A country cannot ethically be a welfare state and simply allow mass immigration. Otherwise you are stealing from and harming citizens of the country. Immigration of yesteryear required immigrants to be self-sufficient and independent, which is just the opposite of being on the government dole and thereby robbing Americans.

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