Racial Double Standards of America

              America has gone so overboard on its quest for black equality that it has adopted racial double standards that once again raise one race over another. These double standards adopted by America expect that whites treat blacks in a completely different way than blacks are to treat them. Instead of all races being considered equal as was fought for in the civil rights movements of America, whites are expected to take the punch due to past circumstances of blacks, blacks who aren’t even alive today. In other words, instead of adopting a system of equality between races, America has looked too far into history and adopted a system of vengeance against whites so both races can “get even”.

              Aside from the fact that this new social system of vengeance fails to account for American immigrants whose ancestors never took part in the enslavement nor ill-treatment of blacks in America, and the white immigrants whose ancestors were enslaved or indentured servants in their homeland, this entire double standard lies on the premise of the actions and circumstances of both white and black ancestors. In today’s American society, there is no white alive who enslaves or discriminates against a black like the times before the civil rights movements. Yet, whites are discriminated against for the actions of their ancestors against the ancestors of blacks. This is completely unfair because not only are the actions of one’s ancestors totally out of one’s control but seeking vengeance for the past actions of anyone’s ancestors against someone else’s ancestors would have us all seriously in debt to each other, if not dead by now. Think about those crazy or dangerous ancestors we all have in that massive family tree of ours, and having to pay for all their immoral activities and murders. That would be complete madness, no one can control the actions of another person now, much less control the actions of their dead ancestors in the past.

              So, why do we even abide by these double standards if the basis for them makes no sense and they do not truly facilitate equality between races? Well, the media and schools are the main driving factor for these double standards. Being so popular among society, the media and schools are rather successfully enforcing double standards through public shaming and school curriculum. This is quite intimidating and no one wants to be presented to the entirety of America nor all of their friends as a racist, hateful, bigoted, etc… type of person. Even though that’s not what one really is, once such a thing is said, that image isn’t going to erase from anyone’s head. Let’s now dive into what exactly the double standards are and how they’ve become incorporated into society.

              The media has had the biggest impact on incorporating double standards into society. Groups and individuals on tv have made several claims in support of the double standard as a means of repaying the blacks for the suffering their ancestors faced at the hands of whites’ ancestors. It has been said that such suffering of the blacks’ ancestors causes blacks serious PTSD. The media has promoted such an idea by having guests on their shows to speak. For instance, Donald Glover, the creator of the show Atlantis, stated on tv, “the characters aren’t smoking weed all the time because it’s cool, but because they have P.T.S.D.—every black person does. It’s scary to be at the bottom, yelling up out of the hole, and all they shout down is ‘Keep digging! We’ll reach God soon!’ ”. Through such statements by famous people, the media convinces the public through popularity that whites are the reason blacks have problems

              Not only does the media promote double standards through popularity and famous guest speakers, but the media also actively encourages blacks while shaming and restricting whites. For instance, the media promotes black only sororities and fraternities in college but would deem an all-white fraternity or sorority despicable and racist by all means. There isn’t even a single fraternity or sorority allowed to be called a white fraternity or sorority because doing so would be considered racist by the media. However, all-black fraternities and sororities are encouraged and by all means okay according to the media. In fact, one article describes black fraternities and sororities as, “a central resource for support and service in the educational advancement and strengthening of social bonds among black students, entrepreneurs and professionals”. Whereas, another article claims white fraternities and sororities, “effectively segregate predominately white universities, providing ample room for white privilege.” This in itself is a double standard, blacks are allowed to have their own groups, but if whites have their own groups it’s considered racist. One can find several other instances promoted by the media where it’s considered okay for blacks to do something but not whites.

              The school systems and colleges of America promote several double standards and introduce them to students at a young age so they seem okay. One of these double standards is allowing separate awards for students who are academic and black, and not doing the same for whites. This is considered perfectly okay for blacks, but doing the same for whites, or even considering both races equal would be “racist” because whites already have so-called “white privilege” by simply being white in the school system. In college, affirmative action for students of color is considered okay, even though it causes students who aren’t of color and who are far more qualified, not because of race but because of their academic ability and hard work, to be denied admission. Not only that, but there would be public outrage if affirmative action were applied for whites, so why is it okay for those of color? Instead of treating all students equally, schools have focused on “diversifying” which gives an unfair advantage to those of color over whites, and all in the name of “equality”.

              Not only are people of color given these extra awards and affirmative action in the school system, but the scoring requirements are lowered for them in their admissions to college. Instead of having one set score for all individuals to meet regardless of race or color, colleges have begun to look at race as a factor in the scoring requirements and chance of admission. On the SAT, the scores have been divided for chances of admission into ivy league schools based on race. An article in the New York Post provides evidence of this double standard when it states, “Harvard sends recruitment letters to African-American, Native American and Hispanic high schoolers with mid-range SAT scores, around 1100 on math and verbal combined out of a possible 1600… Asian-Americans only receive a recruitment letter if they score at least 250 points higher — 1350 for women, and 1380 for men.” Had this been the other way around, or had any other race that’s not black been given the benefit of being allowed to score lower it would’ve been considered racist by the school system and the media. However, the dean of Harvard goes on to defend this double standard claiming, “the school targeted certain groups in order to ‘break the cycle’”. Thus, the school system and college admissions have created a double standard that promotes one race over several others, instead of treating all races equally or judging an individual on their ability and hard work instead of race.

              Both schools and media often work together to promote several other racial double standards. One widely accepted and often overlooked example would be in terms of reactions to bullying by another race. In school, students are taught to react to bullying by “being the bigger person” and walking away or getting an adult. While “being the bigger person” sounds great, it actually teaches children to let their reputation be ruined by others and to not stand up for themselves. It isn’t difficult to figure why this is, if one were to hear something bad about someone and that someone else didn’t so much as deny it, one would think it’s true. That’s just how people think. Even worse, if everyone was saying something about someone, and that someone did nothing to stop it until it had already spread, everyone would believe it regardless of if it were true. In terms of double standards, this is a problem because whites are expected by the media to take insults from blacks because they “deserve” it, due to the past actions of their ancestors. Whereas, if any white were to insult a black by any means, Hollywood paints the picture that it’s okay for a black to beat up and fight back against the white person. This is a problem because whites have accepted this and now according to the media all whites are deemed racist and a new belief is going around that there is no such thing as racism against whites.

              To sum this all up, society has become reliant on racial double standards in the name of “equality”. However, these double standards, in actuality, once again raise one race over another and are more focused on vengeance to achieve “fairness” over equality.  With double standards being further promoted by the media and schools, the public has come to accept these double standards as a means of anti-racism despite the fact they spur more racism themselves rather than eliminate it and paint a picture of whites being inherently racist even though that’s far from the truth. Society has made great strides in eliminating racism. Flipping racism in the other direction from which it came will certainly not help in the efforts, but instead, create more of a mess for society to undo once again.

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