Presumption of innocence is being inversed to a presumption of guilt

America is on a path of destruction with the adoption of the attitude by the media and many in politics that if accused you’re guilty unless you prove your innocence. This is direct violation of one of the foundation principals of America. One accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is up to the one accusing/prosecuting to present enough evidence to prove that the person is guilty of the alleged crime. It is not up to the accused to prove that they are innocent of what they are accused of. Now, often the accused is lambasted in the media with no regards to the accused’s right to due process. Due process is essential in securing the rights of Americans, and the willingness of so many in society today to disregard this part of one’s constitutional rights is disturbing and has the potential to literally dismantle America. Can you have an opinion on an accused guilt? Absolutely, it is an opinion not fact. If someone is accused of a crime and no credible evidence is found to support the accusation then what? Well now a days it depends on who is accused, whom is accusing and what is being alleged, if no credible evidence can be found some are still demanding justice or punishment. That is not what America represents and everyone should be concerned about vigilante justice. America’s justice system is designed to minimize the number of innocent persons who end up convicted of crimes; it is not a perfect system but it has many checks and balances meant to protect Americans from wrongful convictions. To have our government beginning to by-pass the rights of due process should cause every American outrage because this abuse will grow unless the scales of justice are soon correctly balanced.

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  1. Great job identifying another grave issue in America! Keep up the good writing! It would of been great if you added a specific example too, like what happened to Trump with the Russian probe and the media. You still made a strong argument though!

  2. Excellent points. Another big problem with “guilty until proven innocent” is that the government can easily weaponize the justice system and harm the citizenry as well as political opponents through simple accusation.

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