Polarization of a Potential Pandemic

As the Covid-19 makes it trek throughout the world the long-term impacts are yet to be determined. Unfortunately, for many in the U.S., there is a complete lack of faith or confidence in what is motivating much of our government. The smoke has still not settled from the impeachment and acquittal. Even the esteemed Judicial Branch has lowered itself to political commentary. Americans have had a whirlwind tour of the ability of many within the government to act in a manner counter to American values and priorities. That forces a new perspective to be used when reading or hearing about releases from any U.S. agency.  Previous, many did not necessarily trust the government there was the comfort in knowing we are all in this together and want overall what is best for America. Sadly, the past several years has elucidated that not all members of the U.S. Government share those motivations. A possible pandemic has been thrown into the political arena. Seriously how can anyone think that perspective could be a political win. Americans are tired of this uber politicalizing of everything. The priority should FIRST be the safety of American citizens the rest should come later.

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  1. The politicizing and polarization on such a critical real life situation is pathetic and disheartening.

    Economic impacts may also be big. It would be nice if the Dems would join the whitehouse in figuring out ways to mitigate the financial/economic impacts.

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