New York, New York…. Abortions, the death penalty, and assisted suicide

New York has no means of administering the death penalty their maximum penalty is life in prison without parole. How does that co-exist with New York’s new abortion law? New York is willing to protect the lives of criminals but not the lives of the innocent. It’s the hypocrisy of this approach that infuriates. So, either life is valuable or life is not. Ah and there is the rub. When does life begin, that is the question that allows many to skate on this slippery slope? If New York had capitol punishment would it make the new abortion law any more tolerable, to some yes to others no. Perhaps it was the applause and pride of those New York senators which passed the bill that offended so many. Then of course there is the rationalization that this decision (having an abortion) should be left for doctor and their patient to decide, yet how does one rationalize that with assisted suicide? New York has fought doctor assisted suicide and stated it is unconstitutional so how do all these opposing views reconcile. Right to Life clearly depends on when you define life in New York (as well as several other states, yes New York is not the only state to legalize late term abortions 7 other states and the District of Columbia allow late term abortions with out threat to the mother’s life and most have vague limitations.) We haven’t even gotten to the religious arguments. So, the circular arguments will continue and everyone will stand on their moral superiority, yes, all groups pro and con on all subjects, and the hypocrisy rages on for all. There perhaps is the problem… Right to everyone else’s life. 

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