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It is time to be judged not on who you are but by what you do. The only way to accomplish this is to start to the process of eliminating all the judgments and rules in place about who you “identify” as. The appropriate response should be who cares! It is not relevant to an employer if you identify as an elephant but what is relevant is are you reliable and have the required skills to preform the job. We have not reached a point where we truly reflect Martin Luther’s Dream: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” America has gone in reverse and is putting everyone in a “category” for judgement. Remove these barriers, it is time to hold everyone accountable on a level playing field, the quality of their character. Are there those not capable of taking off the goggles of the outside image? Yes, there are, and those people in the long term will suffer because of their ignorance, they will lose those qualified applicants of employment because those qualified persons will get hired and those companies that hire by character rather than the packaging will thrive and those that hire by packaging rather than character will not do as well. (perhaps they are not an employer, regardless casting judgments not based on merit will net these persons in the long term less in life) It has come to a point now in our society that the government is looking for unconscious biases. Is this not essentially saying that no matter what the government is saying they will find biases and act on them. Isn’t that disturbing. There is no way to refute an “unconscious bias.” When it comes to any types of bias the accused is guilty just because they are accused, why because everyone is now essentially biased in some manner. How can society continue to function like this? The short answer is it cannot.  It is time that Americans judge people by what they do (the content of their character) rather than by a person’s appearance. Because as we all know appearances often deceive. Rather than asking less questions in regards to identity we continue to ask more and more on all our forms and applications, eliminate it all. The only thing you need to know about anyone is why? Why are you here, why are you qualified, why…? the color of your skin, sexual identity or religion have no baring and simply should not be inquired about then there can be no bias. But instead we seem bound and determined to continue on this hamster wheel which is getting America nowhere faster and faster.

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