Memorial Day

The origin of Memorial Day comes from Decoration Day that was implemented after the Civil War as a day of remembrance for soldiers whom died during the Civil War. The date May 30th was chosen as Decoration Day as the date was not associated with any particular battles during the Civil War. The southern states had an alternate date that was used as a day of remembrance for confederate fallen soldiers until after World War 1. After World War 1 Decoration Day became known as Memorial Day where all American Military Personnel who died during war are remembered many of these celebrations included parades, visiting and decorating graves. Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30th until 1971, that is when the law passed by Congress making Memorial Day a Federal Holiday to be observed the last Monday in May to allow a 3 day weekend for Federal Employees. Overtime Memorial Day has been diluted to indicate the beginning of summer and the opening of those community pools. Take some time today to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice our fellow Americans in the military have made to ensure that this great country remain America.

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