Manual Recount and Press Passes

On to a manual recount in Florida. We have heard in the news the court battles concerning which ballots should count and which should not. What the news fails to routinely point out is there are rules in place which already determine this, those rules simply need to be followed. Failure to follow the rules is one of the things that have placed these election results in to question. The public is being swayed by catchy talking points like “count every vote”. Many in the public not realizing that every vote is not eligible to be counted and there is a clear-cut reason why. To minimize the risk of ballot manipulation and to PROTECT the integrity of American votes.

Press Pass…well I simply cannot go on about this. The idea that having one’s press pass revoked is violation of one’s constitutional rights is ludicrous. Shall someone next sue their employer for firing them because they violated their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness….  Not a lawyer here just some common-sense folks.

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