Impeachment Again and Again

I suppose Congress does not recognize that the handling of this proposed impeachment process is placing their partisan behaviors in the lime light. They are exemplifying the very reason many people voted to elect President Trump. America deserves better than this. America is supposed to be a pillar of freedom and of due process, including freedom from persecution by a powerful government. Way to go Congress slamming it all with one poorly executed invalid process. The framing of “impropriety by the President” by the main stream media and Democrat lynchmen is enough to facilitate this process; but, actual “impropriety by Congress” within the confines of this process is not enough to cause any questions? Hypocrisy much? Illusionary appearances should mean nothing, and reality, including abuse of congressional power against a political foe (Trump), should mean everything.

The reality is President Trump released the transcript to provide clarity and transparency. Where is the reality or evidence from Congress? America deserves to see all the evidence not just half. Hence, this process should reflect an overabundance of due process and transparency not a lack of it since impeachment is considered a very serious endeavor and has the ability to change the results of the people’s vote. Impeachment is not something any Congress should actively pursue to reverse an election, let alone take on without providing the information in full to all Americans.

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  1. I think there might be a second and unfortunate way for this illegal persecution to end. If the Democrat house impeaches, people might storm Washington DC in mass in protest. One can only pray the Democrats do not bring violence to the country by casting aside the will of the people as exercised by voting. I do not condone violence and personally am very peaceful, but I realize others may step up to defend their liberty, the constitution, and their right to have a duly counted vote.

  2. It’s worse than “where is the evidence.” These liberal congressman are exhibiting signs of no virtue, poor character, and unethical/criminal conduct. They are quite literally accusing, persecuting, and character assassinating with fabricated lies, which is fraud and libel. They are abusing their power by trying to destroy an honest man, President Trump, via taking unethical and criminal government actions.

    There is only ONE way this persecution of the President in a never ending attempt to disenfranchise voters who voted the wrong way (against the deep-state swamp) is going to stop. These deep-state and congressional criminals have to face jail time. Removing them from their government jobs is not enough when moral-lacking liberals in the private sector, like CNN, simply hire these scum after being removed from office. Firing is hardly a disincentive.

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