High Crimes and Misdemeanors

As an average person I look at the House Impeachment Articles and think just tell me the crimes.

Is contempt of Congress a high crime or misdemeanors? Clearly contempt of congress is not a violation of bribery or treason. (On a side note when searching on the internet with search engines the impeachment articles on Donald Trump They were not even listed on the first page. The first listings were news articles about the articles of impeachment.) So essentially anytime the President refuses to do as Congress demands we are to believe the President can then be impeached.

Is abuse of power an impeachable offense? I am at a loss of how this is a high crime or misdemeanor or bribery or treason. Asking a foreign government to look into a past offense against the United States seems logical. Yet this is considered a concern for the United States National Security by the house of representatives, where is the concern about national security concerning the past offenses against the United States. Does the United States just stop investigating after the offense has occurred? How will any issues ever get resolved if any request for assistance from a foreign government is an abuse of power? There is a disconnect here that is hard to follow. Asking for help from a foreign government is only okay if…. If what? Foreign policy is a responsibility of the executive branch so perhaps the house of representatives could explain how anything should get done in future. If Ukraine asserts that there is no and was no pressure from President Trump why is this still an issue.  I read the phone transcript and at no point did I see a reference to the 2020 election mentioned, only the past issues that had been in the news. How can investigating past issues be a deliberate attempt to influence the 2020 election. Could it not be argued that failure to investigate could also be considered a deliberate attempt to affect the 2020 election. There is an obligation to look into alleged problems.

Overall the articles of impeachment provide no proof which is what is expected to see for such serious allegations. As the Senate prepares for its role in the impeachment process, we can only hope they stick with what has been presented to them. If there were crimes that were committed by the President the House of Representatives should have assembled that information in its impeachment and should not be demanding the Senate prove it. It was up to the House of Representatives to provide such evidence of those serious crimes. Again, it appears that so many suffer from the inability to apply common sense to what is plain to see. If there were high crimes and misdemeanors there would be evidence and proof of this in the articles of impeachment presented to the Senate in regards to President Trump. Opinions are not proof.

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  1. I had never thought about your point that not investigating Ukraine interference in the 2016 election or Biden/Barisma corruption “could also be considered a deliberate attempt to affect the 2020 election.“. I agree and conclude that the House of Representatives has engaged in abuse of power by trying to cover up Ukraine interference in the 2016 election and Biden/Barisma corruption by making it illegal (impeachable) to investigate.

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