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No one wants any Americans to be subjected to hardships imposed on them by a lack of action by their American government. The government shut down does have an impact on many hardworking Americans, but then so does Illegal immigration.  Congress shutting down the government because of a political battle of the wills is irresponsible. The American government has been promising action about the southern border without action for decades. To hold other American’s essentially as bargaining chips in a battle of political gains is wrong. There are no damages to any American’s by allowing the funding for the southern border “wall”. Some argue that the money spent will take away from money that could be spent on services for needy Americans. I imagine if someone did the calculations the money that is currently not being paid to Americans because of the shutdown will soon probably out way the money it would cost to have simply approved the wall funding. Now where is the logic in that? How can Congress rationalize this behavior. Yes, border security will have an initial cost but long term it should save the US money. For more information about the cost here is a good article by the Center for Immigration Studies. Overall Congress is not acting in the best interest of now majority of Americans.

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