Election Tampering

There are numerous articles about election results, recounts and lawsuits. The Department of Justice is responsible for looking to allegations of election offenses and their prosecution. Overall there have been some inconstancies in several elections when it comes how the elections were handled. There are federal laws that were enacted to make sure States are not discriminating against any voters and to provide as many opportunities as possible for Americans to register to vote. States are still left with how to implement these laws and how to run elections so there are many variations across the US. So how can there still be issues with our election procedures?

The US election process has gone through changes to get to the point it is today but I think we can all agree there could be some improvements. Along with that statement we again are forced to deal with laws already in place that have been blatantly ignored. We have been told that we want to make sure every vote is counted but there are rules that determine which votes are eligible to be counted. Almost every American has the right to vote. With that right comes a responsibility to follow their state’s election laws. Just as Americans should know their rights and responsibilities to vote the individuals placed in charge of states elections must ensure that their State is complying with all the laws put in place to safe guard our elections. Failure of a voter to know their responsibilities means they may not be able to vote. Failure of our election officials to safe guard our election process places our democracy in jeopardy.

Election officials that have failed to meet the duties and responsibilities of their job must be held accountable. Their failure to uphold the integrity of our election process is intolerable. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, and so on everyone should be concerned. Failure to uphold the election process takes away from the importance of everyone’s vote. The focus should be on prosecuting those who failed this country by failing to protect the sanctity of our election process. It remains to be seen if this will occur and that does not appear to be a primary focus when it should be as those crimes have impacted potentially all of America. I would say that is a pretty big deal.

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