Discrimination going too far?

Discrimination is becoming essentially a cry about the elimination of labels. No one can be labeled or organized in any manner because it may offend this other group or individual. This is a path of insanity. Let us take this to a more extreme but at this point plausible repercussions should society continue on this path of excessiveness. A baby is born in a hospital, now it can not be labeled as male or female or any notation of physical description, this eliminates many options for tracking the child and safeguarding the child remains with its appropriate family.  Certain illness or issues with health are associated with the biological gender, lack of or intentional ignorance of that gender eliminates or potential complicates proper health maintenance and management of individuals all because a small portion of the population. On to the average person being addressed no one can be identified by gender… you can not refer to a person as male or female because a small portion of society takes offense to their being labeled with in a gender as offensive. So, my health and safety are potentially being jeopardized and negatively impacted by a small percentages demand of non-labeling. Better most of the population be not allowed to be labeled and an increasing number of us be misdiagnosed or have needless test run to avoid that a few people feel better and are not labeled because they do not identify as said label or identify with an alternative label. Longer term repercussions are the potential for a financial impact to everyone’s health care costs. We have already seen some of this come to fruition. Complicating communication simply by preventing a health facility from using a certain pronoun as it may offend, better to let a patient die. Sorry someone explain the logic here. Bullying and name calling for intentional malice is offensive, persons addressing someone by a logical use of a pronoun to be classified as discrimination has gone too far. Common sense seems to have lost its sense.

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  1. Labels are also meant to ordain special privileges on preferred minorities, such LBQTEUWD. This is discrimination against those that do not belong to a preferred label group.

    Labels are used by many liberals to discriminate, and labels are can be self selected by preferred minorities.

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