As the “news” goes crazy let us apply some common sense to the President’s instructions to declassify the Russian Probe. The average person can clearly see the absurdity of the arguments being made to not declassify the materials. The President did not sign a blank check nor did he direct all material to be released or give any specified parameters of what is or isn’t to be declassified. He gave the Attorney General latitude to make determinations in regards to responsible declassification of information. The Attorney General is not a person whom is going to compromise the future success of the Justice Department by needlessly exposing sensitive information but would also be vested in determining if the Justice Department did not correctly apply the law while investigating. While not an ideal situation from any angle the Russian Probe has raised many questions concerning the investigative techniques and how things were done which need to be addressed for the American people, to clear the air. The reputation of the Department of Justice currently is soiled in the eyes of many and by the eyes of others seen as proud warriors for a cause neither of which is an acceptable reputation for America. So, let the declassification begin and let the chips fall where they may so that America’s reputation as fair and just can be restored for the people.

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