By: Jerry Mela / Contributing AOJ journalist

Today schools and other institutions brainwash people in many different ways. One form of brainwashing used by these institutions is misnaming activities in which these institutions take part in. For example, at the JEA convention in D.C, their guest speaker was Chuck Todd. For the first 10 minutes of Chuck Todd speaking, he was talking about Trump with a bias. The JEA convention is a journalism convention for high school students, not a convention for spreading your political ideologies.

Another way these institutions brainwash is by saying they do something and then act the opposite. In the JEA convention one of the guest speaker stated that they only draw some cartoons just to make people think about the issue at hand, but in reality, they are influencing the viewer to think more on that one side of the issue over a round view of the issue. This can result in an unknown bias in the viewer of these cartoons.

One of the most used and successful tactics used for brainwashing is only telling some parts of a story and intentionally leaving out parts. For example, a lot of media reports on the violence caused by guns and not how guns have saved citizen’s lives. This also can cause the viewer of these media platforms that leave out some data intentionally to result in making an opinion on the matter with only a proportion of the facts presented to them. Everyone is affected in this bias reporting on both the left and the right. There is no escaping it, these days it is nearly impossible to just get just the facts in any circumstance. To get truly the most facts on a topic, it is not about what just happened, it is about what has happened in the past within that given topic.

In most circumstances there are multiple ways to deal with an issue. People who always tell you that there is only one way to do most things is single minded and is trying to implement their point of view of the world to you. A good amount of these cases starts out small like a teacher marking a math question wrong because you did not do it the correct way, but you got the answer right. This is basis point, basically the teacher is telling you that there is only one way to fix a problem, and that you can’t use your own method. Once you have that mindset in your head that there is only one way to view and fix a problem, then you are more inclined to believe what you are told. So, if you are watching the news, you are more inclined to just follow what you are hearing on the news and what the anchorman’s view is, rather than making up your own mind on the subject. This can lead to an America just like WW2 Germany, with only one way to view things.  

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