America: “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”?

You wouldn’t know it to look at America right now, but Coronavirus has brought America to its knees. Governors, mayors and other elected officials have been shirking their primary responsibilities to defend America. Shutting down the economy and making stay at home orders are not protecting America. They are protecting a small contingent of Americans (in an inept way) but not America at large. What’s the difference? Read on…

One of the major concerns in the early days of America was the risk that demagogues posed to America. Those who in their political bid for power use prejudice, fear, and emotional manipulation to get their way and/or simply get a perverted high out of being big and in-charge. Sound familiar? It is going on today. Americans are being emotionally manipulated by fear flamed by media hysteria causing prejudice throughout society against anyone not behaving as dictated. Take for example flattening the curve. It was marketed as “save lives stay at home” or “stay home, stay safe.”  It passively implies that being at home means you will be safe and also implies going out is dangerous. This is a clear usage of fear to manipulate mass amounts of Americans to behave in a manner to achieve a goal. It sounds like a good fit for a demagogue. The original supposed purpose of “flattening the curve” was not about saving lives (though that could be a side effect).  It was about slowing down how quickly Americans become infected with the virus to lessen the spike burden on the health care system.

Now that the curve has been allegedly curtailed to a level that the healthcare system can handle, the narrative is changing. We have to wear masks and continue social distancing to still slow the spread and save lives. Many government officials are requiring their residents to wear masks because people’s lives are at stake, which is a subtle way of saying not wearing a mask is killing people. This is just another example of fearmongering.

America is built on a founding principle of freedom. Americans are being forced to give up all their freedoms not for the short-term benefit of the future of America as a country but for a select group of Americans. Let me rephrase, the larger group of Americans are being forced to wear certain clothing and give up their livelihoods and potential future because local governments have determined that violating American freedoms serves a better purpose. Every infringement and removal of American freedoms has come under the auspice that it is saving lives. On net, the authoritarian economic shutdown is costing lives, large numbers of lives, and not coming anywhere close to savings lives. For instance, mass unemployment is expected to cost 7.36 million lives based on statistical analysis of prior mass layoffs.  In addition to government actions costing millions in mortality, it will cause a drug addiction pandemic based on prior academic research.

Did the governors, mayors and local officials evaluate the freedoms specifically spelled out in the US constitution to see if it has been infringed upon? With that, when are these executive orders going to be lifted? It could take months or even years for the coronavirus to be considered post-pandemic. How does that translate to our America? How and who has determined American constitutional freedoms can be removed to save certain lives. That runs counter to the founding principle of America. 

At some point, we have to save the bulk of America since we should not extinguish lives and livelihoods across the entire nation in a futile attempt  (daresay self-destructive attempt) to stop nature and a virus at ALL COSTS. We are a nation that has laws and a constitution put in place to specifically protect America as a whole by protecting American rights and preventing totalitarian rules by elitists and government dunces too myopic to see the big-picture destruction of lives they are causing. To attempt to protect Americans by taking away those rights is damaging America. Remember that there is another overwhelmingly huge set of Americans whose lives, yes lives, are being  obliterated and a large number of whose lives will be lost.  Quite simply, these lives and livelihoods could be saved by straightforwardly adhering to American constitutional rights.  The constitution truly is a savior of the people and is needed now more than ever to save and protect the American people from destructive authoritarian actions.

The Coronavirus is terrible, very similar to how on average 44,333 (Which is calculated using the past 3 complete years of deaths from the flu reported by the CDC) deaths a year from the flu are tragic, but the government and main stream media cure is worse than the disease.


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