Actual Estimate Number of People Who Attended Re-Open Maryland Protest

Approximately 15,840 people attended the Re-Open Maryland Protest in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday April 18, 2020, not the hundreds or dozens as reported by Fake News media.  We were in stand still traffic and it took 3 hours to do the circuit. We went from beginning to end and then back to beginning, so the distance was about 2.2 miles x 2 = 4.4 miles to do car protest as shown in the map below, which shows where we first hit bumper to bumper traffic. 

At any single time, let’s count how many cars were in the line and ignore the fact that some of the roads on route accommodated tow lanes of cars in a single direction.  My SUV is about 15 feet long.  Assume there was about 7 feet between cars moving at very slow pace.  That would be about 1 car every 22 feet.

  1. At Single Time Number of People
    • 1 car every 22 feet
    • 4.4 miles is 23,232 feet
    • 1,056 cars occupy the route at any single time:  23,232 / 22
    • Assume average of 3 people per car based on what seen.  Almost every car had multiple people in it.  Very few had one person it.
    • 3,168 people:  Within the route any given instant.  I only did the route once because it took so long, so I doubt many people were doing multiple loops.
    • People came in from other directions, so grid lock on other roads is not being counted here, and therefore, this estimate is low.
  2. Number of People across all hours
    • The event went far past 2 PM, which I know because we arrived late at 1 PM and were stuck in bumper to bumper (mostly stand still) traffic until 3 PM when we exited.
    • Some people probably arrived at 11 AM since event started at noon.
    • Will assume 5 sets of completely filled route from number 1 above passed through protest parade
    • 15,840 people attended the protest:  5 x 3,168

Fake News Reporters off by two or three decimal places when Lying About Count

Honest News Reporters

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