Abortion, the 21st-century version of 18th-century slavery; will America learn from history?

Slavery in the 18th century was just a part of life. While it was frowned upon by some in society and others were vocal on the immortality of the practice, there were many others who advocated for their rights to own slaves. This is not much different from society’s attitudes toward abortion today. In 200 years how will society look upon those who supported abortion? Will their accolades be tarnished because what was once deemed acceptable has evolved to be viewed as immoral? Will the memorial streets be renamed and history books re-written? Will the 70’s Supreme court decision Roe v Wade join the Dred Scott case in history. “Learn from history” would be good advice if we did not destroy the reminders of the bad choices so society can see that bad decisions have been made: some by well-intentioned people, some by horrible people, and some by uninformed people. The United States should be learning from its mistakes and realizing the value of human life. 43 million abortions since 1973 and that number is only going to get higher. How is history going to view those numbers?

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