What is “being a good mother”?

Being a mother can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will face in your lifetime. There are so many wonderful experiences when it comes to being a mother, although, there can be many challenges involved with motherhood as well. 

     Out of the many hardships we face with motherhood, the emotional effect it has on us is the hardest part of it all. Out of all the great things a mother will do for her child, the fear of failing as a mother always lingers in the back of her mind. Society has set the standards on what being a good mother means. We think that the only way to be a good mother is by giving our children more than what they need. The reality is, a mother who works each and every day to ensure her children are happy and healthy is a good mother. Living in a huge house with lots of money does not make a mother a good parent. Working on creating a beautiful life for her children, as well as giving her children an endless amount of love and support, is what creates a good mother. No mother is perfect, but that doesn’t mean a mother is failing just because she isn’t perfect.

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