What Good Comes from Anger?

As we watch the election process in play in the United States there is a lot of anger. How is this a selling point for garnering political support. How long can anger sustain a political party? Even more is it healthy for America? Are people so unaware of the damage of anger they are willing to put the future of America behind that blinding anger. America is all about conflicting opinions but the glue that holds the country together is the ability to put that conflict aside for a rational discussion. Many in the United States Congress appear to unwilling to lead the country by example and are helping to further destroy the country with their anger. That is not to say you have to agree to get along. It is absurd for anyone to promote or demand that everyone has the same opinion in order to be civil. What is absurd is the emerging status quo that you must have my opinion or belief otherwise you are labelled with an aggressive negative adjective. Is anger being not positive motivator for any type of change in America. Anger incites the wrong types of responses from people and it needs to be dialed down. America’s leadership need to up the standards on all political fronts and be the pillars of positive example. Promote conversations over conflict and put the future of the United States and its’ citizenry as the first priority. Whipping up the United States populous with anger towards other Americans is not a path that can lead to a successful and prosperous country. It is unrealistic to expect that all Americans will, can or ever shall have the same opinion on all topics. Therefore, government agencies and political parties need stop demanding, institutionalizing and attempting to regulate to that end. The path to a successful party and a successful America is tolerance and freedom, history has born that out and Americans need to revisit that previously learned lesson.

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