So You Don’t Have Coronavirus Yet… But Will You Survive?

Your chances of survival if you catch Coronavirus differ drastically based on age. Enter your age in our calculator to find out your survival chances.

(Note: If your percentage comes out to 100% that is because the chance of you dying is so statistically low it is effectively 0% in our statistical software)

South Korea has the most comprehensive data out of all the countries AOJ has seen largely due to its extensive testing and detailed demographic information collected. Therefore, our analyst (who performs graduate work in empirical analysis) used the KCDC (Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention) dataset publicly available to perform the statistical analysis. Below are some of the graphs resulting from this statistical analysis using Stata.

Additionally, the only controlled testing environment where a Coronavirus outbreak has occurred is on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. Here, everyone (3,711 passengers) was tested, including those who were asymptomatic. From this, we were able to ascertain the percentage of people who are likely to never be tested because of being asymptomatic. We factor in those likely to be infected (but who were never tested) into the SKDC dataset by age group to give unique insight and perspective. The table below shows the percentages asymptomatic from the Diamond Cruise Ship.

(Note: The output is an expected value. We did not control for important factors due to a lack of data, such as pre-existing medical conditions in our regression, nor is a confidence interval provided herein.)

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