Trump is successful because he once drank the “Kool-aid”

By: Maria Ecrivain | Contributing AOJ journalist

Many in the media make comments about what Trump is doing and how Trump is reacting to items without thinking about trumps entire history. Trump used to be a Democrat, now he is a republican, Trump has a deep understanding how both parties think and operate. This is what allows him to navigate outside the typical norms of the 2-party system. He knows both roads and uses the ones that get him to HIS destination regardless of who owns them.

This concept seems lost on most. It might be because it is a reflection of efficiency that Americans are not used to seeing in the political environment. Politicians are generally slow to decide and slower to act. Trump has figured out how both parties operate and is using that to his advantage. Making action from either party necessary either by choice or be re-action.

His years of being a democrat and a generous donor has given him invaluable insight to the democrat methods. This allows him access to sometimes less then receptive audiences because Trump knows the inner workings of the democratic party and can see just where to place the analogous monkey wrench or grease.

On the republican side he has similar methods at his disposal but from an internal platform. The republicans have an agenda they also want to push forward that is not always in alignment with what Trump has in mind but Trump is able to use that agenda to forward Trump’s larger plans.

You may be thinking, but what about the liberals and conservatives. The ideologues of both parties. Keep it simple, K.I.S.S., we will shorten the acronym to avoid offending anyone. Trump has a simple message that sometimes fits one ideology, sometimes fits the other, and sometimes doesn’t really fit either ideology. That’s the beauty of his message and the irony that so many political experts “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

The, “Make America Great Again Campaign” is essential to Trumps plan. Sadly, it’s the missing link in both the Democratic and Republicans Agendas which is why so many Americans regardless of their original party affiliation support much of what President Trump is trying to accomplish. It’s not about parties, race or gender; it’s about America. What is good for America is good for all American Citizens. It’s so simple yet so true which is why President Trump is able to stay on focus and on task. Essentially it is why President Trump is having an impact. It is because his focus is on America as a whole, not on a specific section or populous. So, Americans, putting America first is really all about, YOU.

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