‘Tis the Season: Take Time

Count down to the holidays. Everyone is out shopping and preparing for the holidays. What are you doing to prepare for the Holidays? Some ideas to make your holiday special this year. Spend some time with your family doing something together. Anything will do: play cards, a board game, do a holiday scavenger hunt, watch a holiday movie heck even cook a meal together.  Share your favorite holiday memories from when you were children. Distance an issue then facetime while doing the same thing, like stream or watch the same movie. While not all families are close it only takes one to start a family tradition. Want to get everyone excited than try to chose something everyone will enjoy. Paint night at someone’s kitchen table or old re-runs of a show everyone loved to watch as children. Our family all has found memories of my father’s eggnog and look forward to sharing a glass. This is the only time of year my Dad makes it and it is his “secret” family recipe. It’s a tradition no matter whose house the holiday festivities occur at Dad brings the eggnog.

Create a holiday tradition of your own. Pass on whatever kindness and generosity you can this season. Donate to a food bank or a local shelter. Or perhaps, visit a local nursing home and drop off some homemade cookies or just hang out and chat. Every act of random kindness is multiplied exponentially so give the world your ripple of holiday cheer! Let that car merge happily or maybe allow the woman with 2 items to go in front of you at the grocery store all with a smile on your face. Being kind does not require you spend money. So, get out there and spend that holiday cheer generously on those around you!

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