Thoughts for the Holidays!

By: Alex Voss | Contributing AOJ Journalist

Today’s society has an issue with accepting people for who they are. Each one of us is our own individual human. Some of us have similarities but overall we don’t have the exact same minds. Our bodies are all different as well, none of us have the exact same features.

If we all could just accept our differences there wouldn’t be as much hate in this world. We go each and every day for our entire lives walking around this earth together, why would it make sense to spend that time hating each other? The time we spend on hating each other is time we could instead spend on building each other up and helping create a better society for not only ourselves but for our children as well. We don’t need to like every person we meet but we can respect them instead of tearing them down and making them feel worthless. Worthless is just one of the ways we make each other feel in today’s society, we push people to the brink of suicide and then just keep on going as if it’s nothing. It takes no effort at all to walk past someone with a simple hello but for some reason, in today’s society, we would rather see someone cry for no reason at all other than that we simply don’t agree with the way they express themselves or the simple beliefs they have. Why should we waste time beating each other down like that when we could live much better and happier lives?

Spread the love this holiday season, don’t hate!

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  1. ….and enjoy the holiday.

    I like the individualistic aspects of the post. We are all individuals who should have the freedom to be individuals with out so much politically correct pressure to conform. It’s nice that each person’s relationship with good is also individualistic.

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