The Purple Pond Election Results

Well now you have it, the election results. Blue tsunami: red wave, red tsunami: blue wave equaled a purple pond. The result is nothing to be shocked about and was an entirely logical outcome to a country that has polarizing ideas competing for traction. There are so many ways to twist the results to claim victory by each party when the reality is it shows a bigger picture. America has had its driver seat chauffeured by politicians from both parties with agendas of their own not of Americas agenda. Americans have decided the chauffeur has got to go. That has meant many political changes to the landscape of America. This election has caused the Democratic party to embrace some candidates it wouldn’t have normally embraced, in order to gain and retain power and has made some Republican re-think their agendas to align more with the Anti-establishment Trump train. All around chaos and change resulted in exactly what our system is designed to do, essentially a stalemate. Does that mean there are not some lessons to learn from last nights election? Yes, I think there are. Americans want changes and they went to the polls to say so. Voter turnout for a non-Presidential election is being reported as being much higher this year than in decades. Turnout is the big picture not the colors of who won. Americans are getting involved to create change and change is coming. What that change will be remains to be seen.

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  1. Excellent points. People are getting engaged, which is a generally good thing. However, people need to fully comprehend what makes this country great, which are the principles of its founding. Unfortunately, many people uneducated about what has made our country great, including property rights, liberty, and meritocracy (including industriousness) are voting. It might generally be a good thing to vote, but only if you are educated in freedom and civics. Voting without understanding the government framework and civics is a HORRIBLE action to take. Such action is a severe disservice to all citizens of this country.

    1. Religious institutions should consider providing civics education (Gov’t school system would just abuse the influence over young minds of mush). Religious institutions are chosen voluntarily.
    2. Campaign to encourage exercising your vote, but first educate yourself on the American framework and history. Otherwise, DO NOT VOTE.
    3. Campaign to honor voting outcomes, without which, there is no government for the people BY THE PEOPLE. The campaign should include an initiative to differentiate between “peaceful protesting” and “mob intimidation/assault tactics.”

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