The Holidays

For everyone the holidays mean something just a little bit different. Why can we not take the attitude we take toward our holiday traditions and apply it to everyday life. There is no judging of what is the correct or proper way to celebrate the holiday season. This a broad generalization about family traditions and is not about religious beliefs or practices, that topic would require more than a blog to delve into.  For example, you could compare two Christian families whom attend the same church. One family attends the Christmas Eve service than bakes cookies while the other family goes out to eat on Christmas Eve and attends the Christmas morning service. Neither family tradition is the same yet they both attend the same church. As well neither family would judge the others tradition as unimportant. Traditions serve a purpose and it is a purpose that has great importance to family units. Generally, traditions are celebrated or shared as a family unit so they help preserve families and bring families together. Yet no one tradition is the same from family unit to family unit. Yet a majority of families have a holiday tradition that they undertake this holiday season. It is the one time of year when judgement of traditions is withheld. If we could all apply that overall tolerance to everyday, society in general would flourish.  So, eat, drink and be merry or whatever variety of traditions your family shares and keep that spirit into the new year. Tolerance and patience to all.

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