The fall of debate

Debating used to be a skill coveted and developed. Debating was an avenue to seek the truth with an exchange of pertinent facts with rebuttal questions. Debating is now about bullying and the often times untrue declarations supported with absurd correlations. Thus, no longer are there “gentlemanly “debates over the merits of a topic or suggestion. The desire for truth for most in regards to any debate has been replaced with simply a desire to win the debate. Currently that typically includes whose voice is the loudest not whom speaks the truth. As well who presents the most heinous repercussion or result of those not willing to concur with the loudest debater. True substance and logic are no longer prerequisites for the typical debate seen everyday either on TV or at the bus stop. The one who is the loudest and willing to ram their idea of truth on to everyone else regardless of the merit of their proposed truth is deemed the winner. Sadly, this method of debate has been embraced by many as it requires little effort and does not require an in depth understanding of whatever the person has decided to embrace and debate about. Consequently, this person is often perceived as passionate about their topic, and perhaps they are, but passion does not require in depth knowledge. Many viewing debates like this are pulled in by this passion rather than the substance of the debate. This serves no true value and is not educating or truly persuading someone with the truth. Society all around would improve if some of the fundamental rules in regard to debating were to be revived. Overall the public would be exposed to valid arguments backed up with facts and logic and not be manipulated by the overly dramatized emotional manipulation that currently occurs. Those involved in public debates would have to have a working knowledge of the topics in order to make clear factual ascertains concerning their view on the topic. As it stands now anyone involved in a debate now quickly side steps many questions and redirects with name calling and/or grandiose talking points. The fall of debate may eventually lead to the fall of truth. The one who shouts the loudest is not always the one that is correct. Take time folks and don’t be persuaded by the volume of the words be persuaded by the volume of facts.

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  1. Great analysis on the topic of debate in America; it’s sad people fall back on emotion and name-calling instead of accepting when they’re wrong or actually understanding what they’re debating about.

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