The Decline of America: Party over Country

America is seeing a drastic shift in the political parties. No longer is it a debate between parties over what is best for the country it is now about power and destruction. In the news it is all about taking out members of the other party. They manipulate any set of circumstances to undermine the other party. This is the decline of America, placing party over country.  America needs to be led. Instead no one is driving the bus as its heading toward a cliff while all the passengers are fighting over the front seat and not allowing anyone to effectively drive the bus. Get over yourselves, anyone in government should be placing Country over Party. The exposure of America’s party-political temper tantrums to the world is not helping Americans at all. It is undermining the respect and ability of America to function as a world power. It is hindering all aspects of America, and many Americans are growing tired in general to the lack of focus with in the American government. Party politics has gotten out of control and the focus is no longer on accomplishing what is best for America it has become what is best for the party. Party politics need to be subservient to looking to the best interest of America.

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