Social Media: Relationship Impacts

By: Alex Voss | Contributing AOJ Journalist

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There are many challenges couples face throughout their relationships. One of many struggles happens to be electronics. Believe it or not many relationships are based off of social media.

Instead of sitting down and eating together, many couples are too busy posting all over social media, making the world believe their relationship is perfect. In reality, these type of relationships develop a lot of conflict due to the lack of attention and effort put towards the relationship. Each individual person changes throughout their lifetimes. If someone’s partner isn’t putting forth the effort to spend time with them or even have  a conversation with them, eventually they won’t even truly know or understand who their partner is as an individual person. Society has made social media a bigger priority than one’s own relationships!

These days we aren’t interested in knowing one another, but rather post all over social media living a fake life. It’s natural to compare one another, but the obsession with looking perfect with the perfect life all over social media has gotten our priorities way out of line. We should be making plans to spend time with another, to understand one another, and to discuss one another’s short term and long term goals. Most relationships these days aren’t lasting very long and part of that is because of the simple fact , we don’t care for our partners the way we should be. How often do we take the time to sit down for dinner every night with our partners to discuss how our weeks are going? Most people don’t even truly know anything about the person they are with. Could you imagine telling someone you barely know that you love them? Well, that’s what is happening to our society. We throw around “I love you” , we blow each other off so that everyone on social media gets more attention than the one person who is supposed to be spending their lives with us. Relationships are based off of loving someone because we don’t want to be alone.

Phones are great for contacting someone when we need to, but phones and social media have become our biggest enemy. When you truly love someone and truly want to spend your life with someone, a phone shouldn’t be getting all of your attention! Loving someone or even just wanting someone means you put in the effort to truly be there for them. No one should be right next to their partner but still feel lonely. We need to start putting more effort into showing we love each other, simple words with no actions means nothing.

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