Punishing the law-abiding citizens of America

Almost weekly you can find an article in the news about the need for stronger gun control in order to combat the growing gun violence in America. This attitude is profoundly illogical. Punish the many for the crimes of a few. Prevent the majority from protecting itself with their constitutionally given right to gun ownership because a small minority of the population is irresponsible. What will the governments take away next? The concept of taking away a constitutional right to protect others is fundamentally wrong. The constitution spells out rights that are essential to the long-term protection of the people of America. Start taking away any of those rights and you start taking away the footers that has kept America a pillar of freedom. If guns are removed as an option for law-abiding citizens, then the only people who will have guns are non-law-abiding citizens. How is that beneficial to Americans? As it stands now there is the possibility that when a criminal undertakes committing a crime against an American that the potential victim of the crime could own a gun or in some states being legally carrying a gun. That is called a deterrent and removing that possibility removes another deterrent to a crime being committed. The arguments continue that banning guns and limiting gun ownership will lower crimes and innocent lives being lost. The idea is noble in concept but flawed in its logic. Those persons that want to commit a crime will do so regardless of the laws. Moreover, innocent lives are prevented from being lost because of the deterrent of random potential gun ownership in America. Who gives anyone the authority to tell another person they can not have a gun because they do not like guns because guns can kill? Pools can kill so therefore they should also be banned for private persons to own. There should only be public pools monitored by the government. Sounds ridiculous but it’s the same concept except owning a pool is not a guarantee in the constitution. Guns are a tool just like many other tools and there will always be some people who do not use tools properly. Banning the tool won’t solve the problem as people will just move on to another tool to use improperly.

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