Maligning Melania is Maligning of The United States

This is considered the time of year for peace and goodwill, unless it concerns First Lady Melania Trump. Why do so many in the press continue to present such negative comments concerning Mrs.Trump? Maligning Melania is maligning of the United States. Mrs.Trump has done nothing negative in regards to the United States and its citizenry. Her awareness campaigns are focused on children in areas that should be found non-controversial or politically associated yet she is routinely attacked by the media. Their reporting reflects ill will and does nothing to genuinely report on First Lady Melania Trump.  The media could be doing so much for peace and goodwill by simply giving positive exposure for the positive things that Melania Trump is doing for the children of the United States and when in other countries in the world. Mrs. Trump has taken on the opioid epidemic and its impact on children an item that is an issue in the United States. According to the CDC drug overdoses are the leading cause of injury related deaths in the United States and that educating the public is a key factor in lowering deaths from drug overdoses from opioids.  Mrs. Trump has decided to use her public platform to help the American public become more aware and educated and should be commended for her choice. Along with the opioid crisis Mrs. Trump launched the “Be Best” campaign. This is focused on children, providing support for their success navigating growing up in the 21st century by addressing: well-being, online safety and opioid abuse.

The causes that Mrs. Trump has decided to champion should be ones that all in America can get behind and support. Yet political bias has tainted a worthy cause with party divides that should be left in the political arena not applied to the uniform problems that are applicable equally to all Americans. These problems are not only a problem of one political party they are problems that all Americans face. First Lady Melania Trump chose causes that should have unified Americans. Instead the media has decided not to cover the good works and causes that Mrs. Trump has championed and focus on her attire or the underlying meaning of public photos. While these conversations are good for the gossip pages of any newspaper, they are not what is newsworthy of what this current First Lady is trying to accomplish for America. It just goes to show that party politics has infiltrated all areas in America and that is sad because there are many issues in the United States that are party blind. Maligning of Melania is maligning of the United States. This is taking away so much from the American people all in the anger of party politics. There is a larger picture than politics that many Americans are living everyday, First Lady Melania Trump sees that.

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