Living a Life of Care

By: Alex Voss | Contributing AOJ Journalist

Today’s world is filled with so much hate. Instead of caring for one another, we seem to worry more about disrespecting one another . Destroying one another is not how we should be living our lives. Part of living is being grateful towards everything you have , especially your own beating heart. We should be showing our appreciation for being alive by doing something good for the world. We are all human and there’s no point in putting each other down when we all bleed the same color at the end of the day. Many of us destroy the peace in our mind by worrying more about disrespecting others throughout life. It is understandable to go through life, not liking every person you meet, but the important thing is to respect each other , hating on each other doesn’t exactly do any good for others , let alone ourselves. If each and every one of us could do the simple task of respecting each other , maybe we could acquire more peace in the world. The key to a happy life is to fill this world with kindness , respect and acceptance of one another. Learning to live life this way can help fill your life with peace.

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