By: Maria Ecrivain ⏐ Contributing AOJ journalist

Judgetatorship, that is what is happening in America. The media fails to point out the unconstitutional abuse of power from judges while we Americans watch Judges becoming Judgetators. Coining some new terms in American politics; Judgetators and Judgetatorships.

The role of the judicial branch is to determine if a law violates the Constitution, not if the law is good or bad. Writing good or bad laws is the responsibility of Congress. It is certainly not up to the judicial branch to write orders and add to a law.

What we see happening in America within the Judicial realm is judges not deciding if a law is constitutional, and instead, re-writing the law to suit a political ideology. Judges are ruling on items in a manner that is not reflective of the courts responsibilities. A fair and impartial interpretation of the application of the law in regards to the constitutionality is what judges are tasked with, not to apply their political preferences to manipulate their ruling to accomplish a win for their party affiliation. Many in the media celebrate these occasions where, in actuality, all should be outraged by this abuse of power.

We are beginning to live in a Judgetatorship America where the Judge’s rule supreme. It is no longer up to the people to elect their Congressman to write good laws and to remove bad laws. These elected officials are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The only purpose a Congressman serves now is to approve the “correct “Judges. What is wrong with this picture? Judge appointments are important. A judge’s role is to apply the laws, written and passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, to situations that occur where the application of the law is being challenged as unconstitutional. It is not the role of the Judicial branch to recreate laws to match an ideology or to render a verdict in alignment with a political expectation by any certain party.

The Supreme Court Judge position was designed in a manner to give Supreme Court Judges some isolation from the emotional whims of the public and to have the justices exercise common sense and discipline applying the law by having their appointments last until they either retire, pass away or are impeached. This method was designed intentionally so Supreme Court Judges would not be swayed by the political climate or rule in a manner to make sure they are re-elected by the party in power.

The court system is now being routinely used to thwart other branches of government and to create laws that were not passed by Congress. This is not a balance of power; it is an abuse of power that should be reigned in.

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