Is Verbal Abuse a Real Thing?

There are many people who suffer from verbal abuse everyday. Many of these people don’t know they are being abused because they are not being physically abused. Verbal abuse is more serious than most people realize. For example, the abuser will call the victim worthless, pathetic and many other names, and the victim doesn’t realize they are being abused because the name calling causes the victim to begin to focus on the things they believe makes themselves worthless or pathetic. This technique brings down the victims self-worth making it easier for the abuser to manipulate them. Manipulation is another technique used in verbal abuse. An example of how this is done is by moving the victim away from friends and family. This causes the victim to feel as though the abuser is all they have. By doing this, the abuser is able to make the victim rely on them for survival. This gives the abuser the opportunity to receive power over their victim. For example, the victim will be under the abusers control , if the victim does anything to make the abuser angry, the abuser then has the ability to take everything away from the victim, and everything the victim has can only supplied by the abuser. This causes the victim to feel helpless, as they do not have anywhere else to go or any way of contacting anyone for help. Verbal abuse in all keeps the victim from leaving the toxic relationship.

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  1. Abusers are generally selfish. Rather than lead the recipient toward the recipient’s goals and aspirations, an abuser does everything possible to meet their selfish objectives, which often involves knocking other people down (recipient) in order to make their-self feel bigger.

    Intent is an important factor in whether a relationship is abusive. Constructive criticism aimed at helping someone is admirable, while destructive criticism to injure someone or achieve selfish objectives of the criticizer is abusive. Note that constructive criticism by loving parents is not only good, but also is required for the child’s sake.

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