IMMIGRATION and BIRTHRIGHT owned the media news today.

These two items are related but not contingent on one another, so do not be fooled. To put it bluntly the US has many immigration bills. Did you know there have been over 8,671 bills introduced concerning immigration, 337 since 2017? (check out Please note not all of these bills concern issues like the caravan, but immigration is more than just caravans of people walking to the US. To date, 803 of those bills have been enacted into law. The media hounds about needing more laws. I am inclined to think there may be enough laws on the books. It is time to read those laws and apply them uniformly. Part of the immigration issue from an average person’s perspective is the lack of any consistency over the past couple of decades, which has created an environment full of confusion and uncertainty that makes it difficult for anyone, as in the average person, to really “know” the law. The caravan of people is walking to the US, and there are laws that dictate whom is eligible for asylum and whom is not. Many in this caravan were offered sanctuary in Mexico and chose not to accept it. That has got to make one think why. If life was so bad that you had to leave your country and the first country to which you migrated said you may stay and we will help you, why would you turn that down and continue travelling further knowing that  you may not be accepted to the country you are walking to… seems rather odd.

Birthright is not immigration, though it can facilitate immigration from many avenues. Anyone can put those dots together. The real question in the media is can the President make an executive order that will stand concerning birthright citizenship. The short answer is “yes he can.”  The long answer is “it may not be upheld.” The rest of coverage in the news is just fluff and drama meant to get people worked up. Will he do it? Only Trump can answer that, and currently, he is saying he may.

Other noteworthy items in the news: The President and First Lady went to Pittsburg to show their support and sympathy for those families devastated by the tragic synagogue shooting. Frankly, everyone will have an opinion on should or shouldn’t they have gone, but at the end of the day, we all deal with grief and tragedy in our own personal way. It should be left at that, without the politics. Enjoy what you read? Follow me on FB at Maria Ecrivain and on Twitter @M.E. Speaks. Stay informed and keep it real! -M.E.


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