Does the truth even matter anymore?

In the news and media, the truth isn’t relevant, it’s the seriousness of the allegation. The more serious the name calling and allegation the more serious the response is expected to be. What part of the truth and proof is a factor in the allegation? Clearly in today’s society the truth or proof is a luxury not a necessity. I was brought up to call unsubstantiated allegations as gossip and that gossiping was wrong. More and more allegations that cannot be supported with facts are being treated as the truth. Then everyone reacts to the fallacy as if it is the truth the more dangerous this attitude becomes. Innocent until proven guilty has lost its way in today’s America. All that appears to matter is the allegation and those accused are presumed guilty until evidence clears them. This is wrong and America needs to think this through. Inconvenient truth is not an option. It is time that Americans demand proof before reacting to an allegation. Otherwise the allegation should be placed where it belongs in the gossip or opinion area, not presented as fact. It is unfortunate that those deliberately misinforming the public are not held accountable. Does the truth even matter anymore, it appears that the only thing that matters now is the seriousness of the allegation. America needs to defend America, accept only the truth as truth do not accept allegations as the reality. The truth shall set and keep America free! Embrace the truth.

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